Saturday, 15 October 2011

Woodform 2011

The Woodform 2011 exhibition opened today.  An amazing venue and a display of great furniture and sculptures.  The exhibition was busy and we had many entries in the comments book, here are a few.

"Fantastic designs & craftsmanship!!"

"Beautiful! Amazing work"

"Just amazing. What craftsmanship"

"Work & skill very RARE today!"

"A beautiful display of pristine workmanship, Excellent!!"

"So lovely to see real craftsmanship."

"Wonderful! Life brought out of the wood."

     "Wonderful warm wood - astounded by the variety and inspiration and skill at the exhibition."

"Refreshing exhibition - in contrast to jaded commercialism - lovely to see such artistry."

     "Absolutely beautiful.  A genuine pieces of art"

"Amazing.  Would like to have stayed longer."

"WOW!! Absolutely wonderful!!"

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